*shrugs* Maybe I'm missing something, but when you first mentioned the idea of changing headers on...one of the comms, I think. Maybe [livejournal.com profile] me_and_thee1000? Whatever. When you first mentioned it, my feeling was kind of "Okay, if this is what we're doing now, I guess I'll adapt, the way I did during that period where everyone decided we were going to stop using movie ratings, and then thankfully changed their minds. Maybe this'll go away, too, since I think it'll be a pain in the ass." Not that I'm defending that position, but that was my thought. I had no problem with your request that the standard be changed. I just...didn't care that much. It was only AFTER people started fighting about it that I decided that I didn't want to get involved, and that--since I didn't have a strong reason to change my style, and I did have (an admittedly selfish) one not to--I was just going to continue on my merry way, using the categories I was used to. For me, at least, it was never about you stating your feelings. It was about a fandom-wide kerfluffle, and my need to stay the hell away from it. So, if it helps, I never thought you did anything wrong (originally; I have no idea what's gone on since then--since I've been hiding--and you mentioned blowing up, so...yeah).

*really needs a "shrugs" icon*
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