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2014-03-18 09:56 pm

Chapter 2 of The Fix: The Trap (2/10)

So it continues. My little homage to The Fix. Sherlock style.
Sherlock is in the throes of Forest/Budo
Lestrade knows Mycroft is not telling him everything.
I'm just waiting for Sherlock to fall out of a car onto the sidewalk . . . get up to Huggys . . . where the real action begins . . ..

It's here on AO3.

Chapter 2 The Fix )
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2014-03-16 12:03 am

New Fic: The Fix (1/10) Oh it's a full blown addiction now . . .

I know many of my S/H pals will recognize the title of my new Sherlock fic. Well that's because I've loosely based the new story on the original. Because I can't help but draw comparisons between the two. And because who doesn't want to see that story played out again? The angst, the worry, the rubbing, the door hitting, the head on the chest, the chocolate . . . sigh.

It's my first Sherlock that's long and in chapters. I will post it all in its entirety here when it's done.

It's Sherlock/John, eventually
It's mature, eventually
It takes place before the Great Game.

It's here:

Summary: Sherlock goes out to buy milk and disappears. Lestrade fears it's the past coming back to haunt them - Sherlock buried in a bolthole getting high. Mycroft tends to agree. But John knows that Sherlock would never disappear without telling him.
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2014-03-04 10:18 am

New Story: Four Times They Did and One Time They Didn't - Sherlock BBC

Two weeks in the fandom and I've veered off a side road. Well, sort of. I just can't get the sad, shattered face of John Watson out of my head. Plus Greg Lestrade is a very yummy chap. I got a soft spot for cops.

Four Times They Did and One Time They Didn't
by Kaye
It's Greg Lestrade/John Watson and always implied Sherlock/John
It's NC-17
It's spoilery for after The Fall until The Return . . .
There is a bit of teh sex.

broken John Watson ahead . . . )
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2013-02-10 06:17 pm
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NDrabble: Santa Rosa

So I went to work with the wife today and wrote this little ditty for the Me&Thee 100 challenge. I probably watched I Love You Rosey Malone a thousand times. Still one of the only girls I like to see Starsky with.(for a minute and a half, no longer)  I know, cheesy I am. Also love the outtakes for this ep. Went to this park when I lived in L.A.. I don't know - I just like the ep.

It's also posted at Me&Thee 100. It's a double drabble. Indubitably.

Santa Rosa
by Kaye

Some days he still thinks about her. Wonders if she’s happy. If she’s safe. Alive. Typed her name in Facebook. Knew she wouldn’t be there. Protected still. Huggy asked him once if he had any regrets. Sitting in a booth after three whiskeys and a close call, just a year away from retirement. Hutch had answered for him. Started singing Malaguena Salerosa, tapping on the table. He denied it, but Huggy knew. “Torch still smokin’ for the mobster’s daughter?”

He chalked it up to confusion and lust and youth. Huggy rolled his eyes and Hutch shut him up by sticking his tongue down his throat. The rest of the night remained a very fuzzy memory in a very good way.

Still, sometimes when he’s driving, or standing in line at the market, he thinks about her. Maybe because he never got to make it right. Because he’d lost himself. Scared himself. But he remembers how it had also been his first glance at a future with someone. She’d cracked open his heart and chased him into that future. Where Hutch now stood, chopping leafy green weeds and calling it supper.

Yeah, some days he still thinks about her.

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2012-10-17 03:16 pm
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I committee'd a drabble (snerk)

Was inspired today by the post of the lovely pics of The Committee episode by [ profile] nancys_soul.

Title: Good Cop
Author: Kaye
Mention of The Committee and Snowstorm.

Drabbles are hard . . . )

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2012-07-10 02:39 pm
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NS: RPF - Friends With Benefits

So this picture got me thinking . . .
So I wrote a little something . . .
Which I haven't done in months and months . . .

Friends with Benefits
R rated

starsky and gillian old

Friends with Benefits . . . )
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2012-02-17 12:09 pm
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RP FIC: Hollywood and Hawaiian Shirts

Well, ya knew it was bound to happen.
This one is cuz Laura asked, Susan demanded, and Sue got a new job!!!!!!
This has nothing to do with the lovefest that happened out in California - well, almost nothing. This has everything to do with the boys, the past, the present, and the happily ever after.

Title: Hollywood and Hawaiian Shirts
Author: Kaye
Pairing: DS/PMG
Rating: R for Roman Candles
Disclaimer: What, I found the transcript. I cannot confirm. But I can surmise.

Nobody Loves You Like You Do . . . )

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2011-05-09 08:05 pm

NS: We'll Give Em Something to Talk About

So I enjoyed all the discussion this weekend about Laura's Something to Talk About vid and how peeps were so surprised there was so much on-screen slashiness and I just sat back and thought, well yes, that's why I have a hard time with all the other shows, trying to force some slash into them . . .

so this little ditty is what came up. I was actually trying to write a drabble for ME and THEE 100. Kind of an overreach I would say . . .
it's for Laura, whose vid is so awesome and a perfectly perfect example to show the world why OUR BOYS are the BEST.
And also inspired by silver chipmunk and her cat walking and also for the Hawaii Five O episode tonight, whose previews harken me back to other boys and other plagues and poisons and wringing of hands . . .

TItle: We'll Give Em Something To Talk About
Author: Kaye
RP Fic
Rated R
Set in the present and also during the shooting of "Gillian"


a little mystery to figure out . . . )
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2011-04-28 03:40 pm
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A little RP phone call for Sue . . .

 . . . because she asked and because she so valiantly carries the flag for S/H and because I was writing the Big Bang story and it is too long and too hard (and I don't mean in a good way) and I needed a break. It is Paulie and Davey and it is NOT ABOUT THE RECENT PAST.

Title: Doctor Soul
Author: Kaye
Rating: Oh yeah, there is teh sex. sort of.

(and a small shout out to Laura who put a nasty idea for a crossover in my brain and now it is seeping into everything . . .)

You know you wanna . . . )


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2011-01-25 11:44 am

Yay! Winter's Bone

Best Picture
Best Actress - Jennifer Lawrence
Best Supporting Actor - John Hawkes (Teardrop, see icon)

Loved this movie. Loved this book. Made me homesick. Some of those houses were sooooo familiar. Yay! I saw the movie and then read the book and it was the first time I've not been disappointed in either. Go see the movie. Go read the book. Nothing better for a dreary stark January day than a movie full of starkly overcast barren Ozark woods. Kind of the anti-King's Speech - in the very best of ways . . . 
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2010-12-31 11:49 am
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New Year's RPC: "Resolute"

One New Year's I wrote Rumination - a seething writhing pit of angst and sex. This year? Not so much. Just a little phone call amongst the boys. It's because Hutch slept way late and I had nothing else to do and because Sue always asks and I have to comply sometimes and also for my dearest LS, whom I miss sometimes like Queen misses Freddy . . .

Title: Resolute
Author: Kaye


Another Auld Lang Syne . . . )

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2010-12-23 11:04 am
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pictures of babies are good at Christmas

Here is the reason we went from brides to grannys in a mere 3 months.
Hunter - who has already decided I am his favorite grandma - smart kid.

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2010-12-21 04:14 pm

christmas and crack and advent . . .

I am actually waiting to go pick up Hutch and go to WALMART. A place I am politically and diametrically and morally and socially and religiously opposed to. But what Hutch wants . . . plus, it's kinda fun to dip a toe in the mad mad world of gimme gimme holiday shopping for a minute. And I do get distracted by the shiny . . . and I need underwear. And apparently, that is NOT a Christmas present. (news to me and my santa of  yore who always stuffed the stockings with a little Hanes . . .)

also, my drabbles are up at the advent. am recording this here since I didn't even remember I wrote things for it last year.

also, any of you (LOOKING AT SUE) want some christmas crack - could ya gimme a first sentence? Or an idea? Or something you've wanted cracked for while? I got a day or so of lounging coming in the next week and will love to be crack cracking the boys.

Merry Merry to all of you . . . xoxo

p.s. the userpic is of Hutch's delicious turtles we made - she made - were made - last weekend. 400 of em . . .
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2010-10-30 07:32 pm

"Showmance" - an RPS snippet for dipslikeramon

by Kaye

Told during the filming of Snowstorm. Fufills both the spotted dog and barrier prompt - oh and the beer one too.
First time. First time I wrote them at the first time. First time for everything I guess.

For Sue - because she asked and she kicks ass.


I didn't see any spotted dog . . . )

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2010-07-19 05:21 pm

Why yes, I have slipped right down the rabbit hole . . .

And yes, I did just email the wine guy from the Gazette to get suggestions for wine for the wedding. Who am I?
And yes, my calendar this week includes meeting the tent guy to check out the backyard.
And yes, I am searching online for the perfect bridal hairdo . . . I sure wish the pod people would give me back myself . . .

Hutch is being her Hutchy self. Which means she's sitting in the corner with a little pencil adding something up while I load a cart with heavy shit in order to break the door down before we RUN OUT OF AIR . . .

We're going to need a lot of drinks.
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2010-06-14 10:05 am
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the Tony Awards, Crack and such

Loved the Tonys. except Catherine Zeta Jones and  her swivel headed singing. More proof that awards have a tendency to totally miss the mark when it comes to honoring the best and brightest and I hope the Tony voters are not being seduced by the movie stars headed over to the broadway what with their movie star fans and bucks . . . I mean, I loved loved loved Hugh Jackman in Boy From Oz, I just don't want New York theatre to become a bigger version of regional dinner theatre where all the Love Boat cast are enjoying marvelous careers acting in such cerebral fare as Nunsense - Back From Hell. Or something like that. 

Actually, that could even be a plot bunny - combining Nunsense the Musical (which as some of you know, has been horribly sequel-ized to death) and Supernatural.  Lucifer has escaped again. Can Sister Mary Hubert and her novices defeat the hounds of hell before Dean and Sam get fully undressed??? Stay tuned.

And its rainy and cloudy so wish me luck to stamp out another part of my Crossover crack opus. It's so hard to start - to actually sit down and begin to move the boys around the board.

Oh, and also, planning a wedding may just kill me. And Hutch. And everyone else caught in the undertow of the BRIDAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX - think Elton John will come sing at my wedding???

Happy Monday . . . and yes, Hutch, I am finishing the laundry. Swear.

P.S. Back to Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas - Carys and Dylan? Carys and Dylan? Could you have chosen any more cliched Welsh names?? Where's your Angharad?  What about Ystan? Or even Myfanwy which may be cliche but only in Wales. Okay, that's all.
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2010-06-04 02:08 pm

Spring in Vancouver - Part Two: The Line

Title: Spring in Vancouver - Part Two: The Line

Author: Kaye
Stephen Fry
David Soul

Here's the first part:


raising hell is not for sissies . . .  )



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2010-06-04 10:13 am

why the crack just writes itself . . .

first there is this pic:

and then we have this pic:

So seriously, how can these pair NOT meet and greet and cause mayhem???  I have faith that Stephen will MAKE IT SO (small happy squee for SIR Patrick Stewart - who should really show up at some point . . .)

In other news, I am home and Hutch is happy. For now. Except she now is balking at my idea for another roadtrip WITH HER accross the states later this summer . . . what?! so it's not a Torino - so it's not an Impala . . . a Ford Focus is a perfectly good car for a roadtrip . . . if it weren't for that damn Vanessa and her unrealistic expectations - oh sorry, mixing my metaphors . . .

Off to finish the 2nd part of the Vancouver crack tale . . . who knew there was so much RESEARCH involved.
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2010-05-25 05:06 pm
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Is it a good or a bad thing . . .

that we selected as our wedding day the exact day Castiel pulled Dean outta hell?
Is there a symmetry? A certain I don't know what . . . (I refuse to write that in French since now I know what it means it ticks me off)

I am not at home. Hutch is tapping her fingers. Patience is at an end. Will head straight from the road to the doghouse, I fear.
But, in true Starsky style, I will have to bring some fabulous item that will blow the winds of irritation right out the window.

Any suggestions? (At present, I am going to be five days late! - it's gotta be good!)