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Title: Spring in Vancouver - Part Two: The Line

Author: Kaye
Stephen Fry
David Soul

Here's the first part:


raising hell is not for sissies . . .  )



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Okay, so my crackdoms have officially collided in a multi-fandom pile up on Interstate 70. This is the first part of a three parter starring in a very particular order: Stephen Fry, David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. I'm certain other players may show up in the festivities. So Jeeves meets Starsky and Hutch meet Supernatural in Canada. I'm surprised Fox hasn't called me for rights to the pilot.
So, here's the scoop: Stephen Fry has been cast in an episode of Supernatural and asks David Soul (his friend and enemy and furry pull toy) to join him for a little mayhem with the new kids on the block, Jensen and Jared.

Happy Late Birthday to [ profile] callistosh65 

Spring in Vancouver - Part One: The Hook


Part One: The Hook . . . )
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This one is actually a triple drabble, cuz Bobby has a lot to say. Not really spoilerish, but taken from the mood of Bobby during the finale.

Families . . . )
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So, Hutch went out for a walk and I'm supposed to be getting ready to go to the market because we have to get Mahi Mahi and Easter eggs, but instead, Dean smacked me upside the head with some things he wanted to get off his chest. So [ profile] callistosh65  gets another little recuperative snip - the new boys now. I have to say I'm developing an unnatural love for all things Dean Winchester. Also, that I had to add Lillith, gank, and skank to my Word dictionary. Apparently, Microsoft has never watched Supernatural . . .

It's untitled
It's Dean - waiting for Sammy - again.

Oh but I just realized it's also kinda sorta spoilery for season 4 . . . so you may not  want to read it yet, Callisto!! But not so spoilery if you know there are ****** around . . . this live broadcast show love is hard!

I have the urge to listen to some Steve Miller Band . . . )
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It was inspired by [ profile] callistosh65 's gorgeous piece of fic . . .
It's my first foray into SPN . . .
It's flashslash without the slash - babysteps I say . . .

It's here:
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So, the fabulous pimps (aka Sheila and Mara) have strewn chocolate all along the path and yes, we have followed blindly, in a chocolate haze right into the heart of EVIL GORGEOUS DARKNESS that is SPN!!!! Damn you all to hell (where apparently Dean is naked with a silver tray holding dirty martinis . . . but I DIGRESS . . .)

So we've seen 6 or 7 episodes and I have a question:

How long does the urge to say Bloody Mary three times in front of the bathroom mirror stay with you. Seriously, Susan has actually said, "Kaye, don't you EVEN think about it!"

But I think about it EVERY time I'm in there . . . sigh. What next I ask? Will I be holding seances of "Light as a feather, stiff as a board?"
Will I start looking for lost minutes like I used to when I watched way too much MULDER AND SCULLY?

I need to know what to expect . . . and I have to tell you - the CRACK wheels are already turning . . . David Soul as mentor . . . HOUSE PARTY!

Is there a 12 step? Or would that be a 13 step???

Helllllllpppppppp . . . . in a good way.
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