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 . . . and now must gush:

geez man wow hell damn. When I'm 64 is brilliant.  THE BEST VID EVER. And I am including all her others, which run a close second. And the cowboy one? Hell, I didn't even realize we were actually watching a 70s porno all those years ago . . .

Seriously, it's like she creates a whole other world - I forget to remember what clips come from what episode because she is telling me an entirely different story. 

Once I tried to do a vid, so I know how hard it actually is - well at least for me. The best thing about her vids, though, is that it inspires me to write . . .

now all I need is time and a little dwarf to grade the papers sitting on my dining room table. Oh, yeah, and someone to figure out a good and fun and exciting way to teach subject-verb agreement . . .

ta ra
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Good on you, sistah.
Hope Vegas was a blast.
Will wait impatiently for report.

And now you are award-winning, I expect lots of stories and vids . . .
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No spoiler, just a big sigh of relief. Loved the premiere. Love HL with the heat of a thousand suns . . . again. And the brilliance that is the casting of Andre "More badass than House" Braugher? Now if they would simply stir in a little Wilson love . . .

Seriously, the man is a craggy angel . . . I know, I know, waiting for big chunks of time to drop from the sky so I can write a damn crossover!

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The release of season one of THIRTYSOMETHING?????

I was under thirty when I ADORED the show.
Now I'm over thirty for the DVDs . . .

wonder if the angst will seem silly now I am SOOO OLD and MATURE???? I TOTALLY DOUBT IT. Man, did I ever love that Ellyn and Hope and MIchael and Elliot and the boss from hell, Miles . . . sigh. Hope I don't still have fashion from that era - oh who am I kidding? Of course I still have fashion from that era . . . and I use the term FASHION rather loosely . . .

That's all.

Plus I wanna write a little something, but I have no motivation - anyone have an idea, scenario, plan, that they want to donate? Something odd they would never write??

Now I'm off to get freezer bags for the $50 of wild blueberries Hutch and I fetched in NOrthern Ontario last weekend (HI VERLAINE!)

Say what you will about Canada, the country is full of fine fruits . . .
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and the girl has flown to Toronto for the day and left me to my own devices . . . which is NEVER a good thing!

this comes from the lovely [ profile] thayln . . .

The first five people who comment in this post get to request a drabble length fic (i.e., about 100 words) of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal.

I'll do anyone - SH, DS/PMG, House, NCIS, SPN, ST Next Gen, Partridge Family, MASH . . . I'd even try Pros - although I still can't tell them apart half the time!   
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Mine changes weekly. This week I'm in a severe Hugh Laurie channels David Soul mode . . . right, LS?

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The greatness that is TORCHWOOD????

Hello, people! These are the memos I need to receive.

Like, "Hey, Kaye, there is this amazing new show that is set in CARDIFF that is like X-files, Dead Like Me, and hot soft porn all rolled into one."

And did I mention that my favorite city in all the world (well almost) is CARDIFF??? How I love Queen Street and the castle . . .

And did I mention that canon slashy snogging AND aliens AND mentions of my other love of a town, Aberythswyth are like my favorite things?

*fans herself*

Thanks to Susan for sharing of the eps.
Thanks to the tube of u for work time viewing.

Can a House/ Torchwood crossover be very far behind???

Random Shoes - brilliant

okay, done with the squeeeeee. For now.


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