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I know many of my S/H pals will recognize the title of my new Sherlock fic. Well that's because I've loosely based the new story on the original. Because I can't help but draw comparisons between the two. And because who doesn't want to see that story played out again? The angst, the worry, the rubbing, the door hitting, the head on the chest, the chocolate . . . sigh.

It's my first Sherlock that's long and in chapters. I will post it all in its entirety here when it's done.

It's Sherlock/John, eventually
It's mature, eventually
It takes place before the Great Game.

It's here:

Summary: Sherlock goes out to buy milk and disappears. Lestrade fears it's the past coming back to haunt them - Sherlock buried in a bolthole getting high. Mycroft tends to agree. But John knows that Sherlock would never disappear without telling him.
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Two weeks in the fandom and I've veered off a side road. Well, sort of. I just can't get the sad, shattered face of John Watson out of my head. Plus Greg Lestrade is a very yummy chap. I got a soft spot for cops.

Four Times They Did and One Time They Didn't
by Kaye
It's Greg Lestrade/John Watson and always implied Sherlock/John
It's NC-17
It's spoilery for after The Fall until The Return . . .
There is a bit of teh sex.

broken John Watson ahead . . . )


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