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Okay, so the district attorney's office (or city prosecutor - whatever) has been sending letters, with the idea of building a case against the Torino Thief, right? 

And we are getting a little more info, a clearer picture of the events surrounding that tragic morning, right?

So last night I got a little info that makes the whole case WAY MORE CLEARER.

For you see, the perp/thief/dumbass might just have a motive in this case. For you see, the perp/thief/dumbass just happens to be . . . a deaf mute. Yes, that's right - a deaf mute. Now Rebel and EH's episode review this week aside, I happen to subscribe to the theory that I just might have stumbled onto whatever happened to:

Cute kitten and a long career as character actor and voice over professional aside, I do believe this crime was not random at all, but a not so well thought out, very poorly executed act of REVENGE.

Here are my facts:

The deaf mute part.
The candy bar wrappers found in the front seat of my parent's car. HELLO!
The missing cane. ( For RC's bad hip - HELLO!)
The obvious signs of an accomplice, which one can only draw the conclusion, must be this guy:

Don't let his police background on Cagney and Lacey plus countless other cop shows during the last 30 years dissuade you.  Just remember - this man was on two episodes of UNSUB, which also starred a certain finger pointing blond Torino passenger - okay?!

I believe this man has my TORINO! Maybe he was still sore for all the unnecessary harrassment from our boys. Maybe he was mad he didn't let them drive him home that day and then something happened on the bus that has made him scared of public transportation since. Maybe he's just MEAN.

I don't know. I'm not here to get to the whys. I do the whos. And this is who. Schwooo. 

I'll probably get keys to the city. Or at least free parking for life. Whatever.

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So my parents, who live in the "safe suburbs", got their car stolen. Out of their garage. 
But, they have ONSTAR. So an exciting police chase ensued. Cuz they immediately called ONSTAR and located the car driving through a different safe suburb. Which, of course, ended with the "perp" (yes it does sound odd coming out of my mother's mouth) wrecking the car into a tree.

So while all this is scary and exciting, considering I was spending the night at the parents and had to wake up at 6am with the rest of them when my mother discovered the missing auto, the worst part was:


Right out of the trunk of MY CAR. Which was sitting in the driveway in front of the house. Which no one would want to steal, but they found the need to rifle through the contents and then 

TOOK THE TORINO! The famous one - from the summer roadtrip. Bastard burgler stealer thiefs!

So when the guy was caught - NO TORINO. 

Where is it? There must have been an ACCOMPLICE. A passenger. A partner in crime.

But, I'm over it. Cuz my sweet peaches won me another on on EBAY. Ahhhhhh, sweet peaches.

So now my parents are fortifying their house like, well, not to wax too cliche but, FORT KNOX.

And my 8 year old niece is having nightmares about people getting in her house.
And my 3 year old niece thinks that Jesus will get them cuz, according to her, 
"Jesus puts people in jail for being bad"
And my 9 year old nephew thinks if the burglar had a nice family, and a job, 
he might not need our car.

And that is the entire American pysche all neatly tied up in a red, white and blue ribbon:

Fear and misguided religious zeal tempered with a pinch of compassion and universalistic leanings.

But, I am proud to say, they did manage to work up some healthy vengeful 
thoughts over the TORINO.

Smart kids.
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Finally, smuggled back to me by the Welsh guy and the tranny's step-sister on her mother's side - 
the final chapter . . . will the boys make it? Will the Torino be found or has someone already chopped it up into toasters and crockpots and salt and pepper shakers? Will Starsky ever venture out of the city again?

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After a long hot summer of prowling the back streets and sewers, tossing porno row, knocking down the heroin nests, our boys needed a break.

And so, because Hutch secretly loves John Denver, and Starsky secretly loves Hutch, they took to the road. The long, long road. The following is a photo journal of the trip. No bad guys, no guns, no Dobey. Just the boys and the open road and the Torino.
They started in Kansas City - because everything does - and drove the 10 hours across Kansas in eight.

What could be more perfect?

So Kansas is a little flat - Starsky got the Torino up to 120. Hutch threw up near Hays.

But, they made it. Barely.

Starsky stopped in Colorado Springs to get the Kansas dust and bugs off the Torino. 
Hutch bought 12 books about gold mining and fur trapping. Starsky bought beef jerky and a Yoo Hoo.

And then it was up into the Rocky Mountains.

Which were gorgeous.

Until of course, Starsky had the great idea to take the Torino "off road"

which Hutch thought was a bad idea, until Starsky pointed out they were all alone . . . in the woods . . . on a mountain . . .
So Hutch popped in some Denver and Starsky popped a Coors and push came to shove and the Torino lost its parking brake and they ended up here:

How will the boys get out of this? Stay tuned for Torino Adventures Part 2


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