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I know many of my S/H pals will recognize the title of my new Sherlock fic. Well that's because I've loosely based the new story on the original. Because I can't help but draw comparisons between the two. And because who doesn't want to see that story played out again? The angst, the worry, the rubbing, the door hitting, the head on the chest, the chocolate . . . sigh.

It's my first Sherlock that's long and in chapters. I will post it all in its entirety here when it's done.

It's Sherlock/John, eventually
It's mature, eventually
It takes place before the Great Game.

It's here:

Summary: Sherlock goes out to buy milk and disappears. Lestrade fears it's the past coming back to haunt them - Sherlock buried in a bolthole getting high. Mycroft tends to agree. But John knows that Sherlock would never disappear without telling him.
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Two weeks in the fandom and I've veered off a side road. Well, sort of. I just can't get the sad, shattered face of John Watson out of my head. Plus Greg Lestrade is a very yummy chap. I got a soft spot for cops.

Four Times They Did and One Time They Didn't
by Kaye
It's Greg Lestrade/John Watson and always implied Sherlock/John
It's NC-17
It's spoilery for after The Fall until The Return . . .
There is a bit of teh sex.

broken John Watson ahead . . . )
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So my recently acquired mad hot love for the original slash boys - Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson - has been tossed in the rubbish bin (Holmes' words) whilst I worry the day away with the diluted, modern dopplegangers . . .

So this is my first attempt at a long fic set in the Edwardian days of London . . . the title is Welsh and means "little morning"

Let me know if I've fallen right off the wagon into an oncoming carriage, okay???

And a big thanks to LS for leading me down the path to 221B . . .

Title:  Bore Bach
Author: Kaye
Slash, eventually, maybe, could be . . .

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 . . . cuz I can't get this new thing out if my head.

For some reason, proper English gentlemen who burn white hot underneath the top hats and the impeccable manners are now my new obsession. Who knew??

Of course, I shoulda known.  I used to eat period romances like Skittles. I SO wanted to go to London for the 
season. I still watch Sense and Sensibility once a month - and have yet to get my head around the fact that in 

so here's a little snip. I think I'll collect them here. Amongst the macho cops and the damaged, snarky doctors . . .
they seem to fit right in. Kinda like prototypes . . .

So it's H/W
Holmes/Watson that is . . .
It's slash
It's just a moment . . .

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I discovered the brilliant Sherlock Holmes and Jeremy Brett!  Hell. In a good way. 

Well, since I seem to be following this slash line to it's logical beginnings, it's only natural to step
back into the first real buddy cop show, eh?! (And I know someone will trump that  with an even earlier slashy pair)

So am nurturing a deep and abiding love that is still in it's first crush stage and oh how I love finding every little slash and H/C moment. The most surprising thing is how many traits, behaviours, etc that David Shore stole for House - my other latest and greatest obsession - and that doesn't even count Torchwood . . . which is not exactly slash but, well, canon snogging . . .

So, since there are societies upon societies who KNOW Sherlock Holmes and his friend and colleague John Watson WAY better than me, it is an intimidating task to break in to the hallowed halls of Conan Doyle . . . and yes I know my writing has taken a decidedly more Victorian/Edwardian tone . . . what of it???

BTW, all Jeremy Brett talks about in interviews is "the friendship between two men"

which I now believe David Soul adopted the same ideas . . . and how thrilled was I that an interviewer compared Holmes and Watson to Starsky and Hutch . . . can a crossover be far ahead? (totally kidding now)

So, here is my first (really my second) foray into the world of SH/JW . . .

inspired by a prompt from LS to write "Six things Holmes did when he realized he was in love with Watson"

(of course others wrote out lists . . . I overachieved into six drabbles of precisely one hundred words and no more - yes, I'm starting to talk like this, too . . ..)

am testing it out on this very accepting livejournal . . .

let me know how you like it . . . or not!


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