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Title: Spring in Vancouver - Part Two: The Line

Author: Kaye
Stephen Fry
David Soul

Here's the first part:


raising hell is not for sissies . . .  )



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Okay, so my crackdoms have officially collided in a multi-fandom pile up on Interstate 70. This is the first part of a three parter starring in a very particular order: Stephen Fry, David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. I'm certain other players may show up in the festivities. So Jeeves meets Starsky and Hutch meet Supernatural in Canada. I'm surprised Fox hasn't called me for rights to the pilot.
So, here's the scoop: Stephen Fry has been cast in an episode of Supernatural and asks David Soul (his friend and enemy and furry pull toy) to join him for a little mayhem with the new kids on the block, Jensen and Jared.

Happy Late Birthday to [ profile] callistosh65 

Spring in Vancouver - Part One: The Hook


Part One: The Hook . . . )
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 . . . for the birthday boy. Wrote it for LS. My partner-in-crack and trusted fellow.  And because I can't let the day go by without a little Fry . . .

So it would seem our fair haired birthday boy is out of sorts due to a certain British bloke's sudden shrinkage - in the good way. Well, here, see for yourselves:

Doesn't Anyone Pick up a G**D*** Phone Anymore??? )
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Title: When in Rome
RPS - DS/PMG with a side of the Fry . . .

So I have tons upon tons of real live homework to do, but the boys insist on showing up on odd Italian talk shows, swaggering and carrying roses in their teeth, flirting with everyone in sight, including and especially each other , so I asks ya . . . what's a girl to do???

I hope this answers the burning question: WTF? Italy? Seriously, Italy?

Lately there are so many more questions than answers with our boys . . .  which is just brilliantly beautiful to me.

Leave it to Stephen Fry to suss it all out . . . )
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So I decided to do weekly installments. For one, it's a little hard to transcribe all the files so fast. And the fact checking is taking more time than I thought it would. People are very protective of our boys . . .

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More merriment. It's like the Torino's heading downhill fast and no one has realized that the brakes have been cut  . . .  

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 Okay, so the news of RSL aka Wilson's impending marriage, coupled of course with news of DS as reality show star, has surely thrown a wrench in all the summer plans. This story may take a while to unravel - but rest assured it WILL unravel . . .

It's PMG/DS and HL/RSL and a little Stephen Fry and Uma Thurman and a cast of hundreds by the time it's done.

It's like at the swimming pool, when you're all wet standing at the concession stand and you buy a jumbo ChicOStick and the sugary goodness sticks to your chlorine wet hands and you shiver in your towel and you're the most happy you've ever been in your entire life. That's what summer crack does to you . . .

This is all written for LS, cracken soup for the Lyrical Soul . . . and because that's how we roll.

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For my identical cousin and Cymru sistah - it's CRACK.  There be RPS ahead. As in S.E.X.
It's actually from a little thing I wrote ages ago - spiffed and shined just for you. A nod must go to L.S. on this one as well.

It's not DSPMG - It's DSSF with allusions to HL/RSL and HL/PMG and HL/SF and maybe even a little DS/HL

I hope your birthday is swell. And comes with chocolate.

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because she's fabulous and LOVES THE CRACK.

and made a vid that cracked my heart . . .

plus, lord above, those boys! Heading to Tenessee to see Gillian in a skit, etc . . . really, I can't make up this shit.

Hope you have a gorgeous day, Loooooorrraaahhh.

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So, I got a reprieve from the airlines and am still sitting in Canada, looking out this window: (which by the way, is apparently a fantastic place to write S/H fic AND crack . . .)

So I thought I'd finish up dictating the missives from London and all points east . . .

So far 2008 is good - but I am always suspect of even numbered years - deceptively divisible, I guess . . .

I'll  miss the boys in London, but the Bay City ones are impatient, as well as the Princeton Plainsboro Hospital ones (who have NO ONE writing anything for them these days . . .) and so for now . . . au revoir (see, how good is my French now, eh?)

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2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

December 25, 2007 - AP

The Christmas party hosted by Britain's most intellectual pudding, Stephen Fry, has taken a turn into the annals of Page Six scandal. And that seems to be okay for the ebullient Fry, who could not be reached for comment. Yet.

The party, touted by some to be THE EVENT of the holiday season, boasting an RSVP list that included , Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Jackman, both sides of Starsky and Hutch, David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser (sans his Captain Hook 'stache) as well as a smattering of London's brightest social winds, not to mention the rest of the cast of Peter's Friends (sans Kenneth Branagh), was scheduled to begin Christmas Eve at the pastoral estate purchased by Fry in the late 80s.

Unfortunately, the party got off to a rather rocky start when Fry, three fingers into the Christmas cheer, mooned the exiting  matinee audience of Glaser's Peter Pan panto at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley. David Soul hopped out, grabbed his former partner in crime fighting Glaser, and tossed him into the back of the limo, where at least a dozen people reported seeing Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson, and then the limo, carrying what could arguably be considered Britain's comedy brain trust, careened through the streets of Bromley, finally disappearing in the holiday traffic on the motorway.

One mother, who had tossed her jacket over her four year old twins Augustus and Alfonse, as to not "burn their tiny eyes," also said, "It's the most disgusting bum I've ever had the displeasure to see. Gah . . . the hair on that thing . . ."

Later that evening, Fry and his long time partner, Hugh Laurie, were photographed coming out of a petrol station lavatory. They hopped back into the limo, and as they drove off, one onlooker swore she saw "David Soul flew me the bird out the back - bloody hell. Just wanted a quick peek into that car - see if Starsky was in there with him, that's all. Fucking full of himself, that one is."

Still later that night, the fire brigade was called to the estate, where Captain John Fizzelgerst reported that "they had set fire to the Christmas tree."  Mr Fry reported that Mr. Glaser, demonstrating a new yoga position to Mr. Jeremy Irons, had inadvertantly knocked a bucket of ashes into a roll of Christmas paper that then rolled under the tree. The mishap went unnoticed until Mr. Hugh Laurie, deep into a heated discussion about goose versus turkey for Christmas dinner with Mr. David Soul, smelled smoke.

"Although how I ever noticed was a Christmas miracle, given the way Soul goes on like a bloody chimney every second. I don't think I've seen the man without a cigarette dangling yet."

There was minor damage to the settee and the ivory mantle clock, and Mr. Soul was compelled to take Mr. Glaser upstairs for a "breathing treatment," but  there were no other serious injuries.

Carla Wasserstein, AP

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Okay, so I just intercepted these missives from a delightful little man with a lisp and a limp. So I must share. I also must step away from the Christmas cheer, but that's a whole nother episode of Intervention, okay?!

Just a little crackity crack for the season. Starring DS, PMG, Stephen Fry,  soiling the reputation of Hugh Laurie, Hugh Grant, Ian Mckellen, Alan Davies, Jude Law, and some unnamed hobbits . . .

Really, I just report. Oh, yeah, and there's a spot of Dickens.

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