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No spoiler, just a big sigh of relief. Loved the premiere. Love HL with the heat of a thousand suns . . . again. And the brilliance that is the casting of Andre "More badass than House" Braugher? Now if they would simply stir in a little Wilson love . . .

Seriously, the man is a craggy angel . . . I know, I know, waiting for big chunks of time to drop from the sky so I can write a damn crossover!

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You know, I used to LOVE House. I mean in that fangirl, write big huge fics, watch an ep over and over and over LOVE. I've been holding out all this year, hoping it was just a fluke, just a flutter, just a little bump in the road. But I watched last week's ep last night (cuz that's how far I've slipped - don't even watch it on Mondays . . .) and it made me SAD. Seriously, how can writers and producers get it so WRONG??? Do they watch the show??? Where is the humanity?? Where is the snark?? Where is WILSON??
I mean, I am like the mother whose son got into Harvard, but instead decided to go work at Wal Mart (which is disturbing on MANY LEVELS - since WalMart is the DEVIL)

Wow, I am whining. But hell, leave my damn House alone, will ya???  And this part? This part really steams my beans: 

Under a cut for Callisto and others who have been spared so far . . . )


In other news, my swimming pool has a sign on the door in french and then underneath the translation says: 


I think I'm in the wrong swimming class . . .

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So, here's my entry into the fray of the House finale, "Wilson's Heart."  It was inspired by this picture:

and for some inexplicable reason, it's actually House/Cuddy AND House/Wilson. 
It's the aftermath. Susan says it's angsty - but in a good way. 

(thanks to nekocat for the screencap!)



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Title:  Spy Game
Author: Kaye
Slash - H/W eventually, inevitably, infinitely

It's present tense, which is hard and weird for me.
So feel free to concrit the thing.

It started out as a one shot and then . . .

It's about observation and House and Wilson and revenge and floor wax.

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It's going to be so interesting watching how this strike is affected by the interweb. Already, we have up to the minute reports from the front line, with the studios so deservedly cast in the role of Voldemort. Go Writers. Go Unions.

On the other hand, if peeps would just get this jazzed over things that truly affect their lives like healthcare and education and fresh drinking water . . . if only. Maybe if it was a very special episode of Healthcare Anatomy . . . sigh. Or if you gave more than a damn about the teachers in your public schools, then George Clooney AND the entire cast of Heroes would give you a 30 minute massage . . .

But I digress. 

Here's a little fluffy sumpin sumpin I wrote whilst waiting to post my Starsky/Huggy - which is neither fluffy nor could be used to solve any crisis. Anywhere. Ever. 

It's House/Wilson. It's slash. It's for those writers who created this amazing set of characters for us to play with. Thank you.

Air Guitar
by Kaye

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 Title: Small Change
Author: Kaye
Slash - esque:  Implied H/W, Implied H/Cuddy, Implied Wilson/Cuddy, Implied House unhappiness at them all . . .
They're all mine - which is why Simon Cowell is joining the cast this season as jolly cafeteria guy, Thurston.

It's Tuesday and this bit came out of wondering what the heck TPTB were gonna do with all those extra people . . . plus it's been way too long since I played with Dr. McSnarky . . . and blame Cameron for all the sports metaphors. Either that or the NFL games that keep pre-empting Big Brother . . .

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Here is the whole story of Ten Percent Solution in one nice file at Kass's site:

thanks, Kass - for the work and the beautiful site!

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Yes, I finally finished it.

Schwoooooooeeeee . . . .

Here are links:

Chapter 7 part 1:

Chapter 7 part 2:

If anyone knows how the hell to get more than a few pages on LJ, tell me. Hate to break up chapters.

Oh, well - on to other fic. And school starting. And trying to teach creationism and evolution in a Comp class without discussing religion . . .

Is it too late to join the foreign legion? Is there still such a thing?


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mainly because Kass has put me on a tight leash and a deadline - which I am utterly thankful for.

Plus. I could just live in this world and that's not necessarily a good thing.

Plus, somebody somewhere has GOT to have a happy ending.

And so here is chapter six - out of seven.

and its partly LS's fault - I am nothing without her (well not exactly nothing, but parts of this would really suck . . .)

I will miss the boys, but I've got other boys who are feeling oh so neglected - they need some angst and some sex and some banter - and hey, they were here first . . . .

Chapter 6 )
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 . . . someday it will stop. Swear.

Until then, here it is. 
Its slashy
Its House/Wilson
It reminds me of an Aerosmith song.

LS is the co-pilot, steering me round commas and run-ons and downright bad badness. Send her ice.

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It's House and Wilson
it's kinda slashy
it's PG ish

I have no real idea where it's going. Bumping along I guess. Wonder how many things I can get them to bump into. Okay, now that's weird. I think I'm gonna do it.

Chapter 2 )

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Things are hot and I needed a break from furious zine story writing, and I was pondering the idea of oncologists and bad news and burnout and Wilson's hands. He's got great hands. He's got a hard job. He's got a difficult friend.

Here's chapter one. That's one thing I like about the House world. They like it when you post in chapters. Which suits my pysche.  I need encouragement to write sometimes.  And the other great thing is that I have no idea where its going. So it changes as I write it.

It's House and Wilson
it's kinda slashy
it's PG ish

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 . . . and it turned into a 30 page epic. It's House - my new shiny obsession. I wanted to get all the parts onto my journal
but I had no idea how to and I cannot clutter my brain with one more new computer function. I need the memory
space to learn to play the cello and to remember where my emergency wine fund is.

So I'm posting all the links here. I posted to house/wilson. I love house/wilson.  The site and the couple.
When I posted in chapters, I got such good FB that I felt tons of pressure to live up to what I started.
It's easy to set up a story and make it quirky and fun, but then to have to finish it, with others watching 
and waiting. Whooo that is hard. But fun. Especially when LS is riding shotgun, holding the paper steady, and 
pouring the wine at the same time.

I love writing.  And talking about writing. And talking. That's a good one too.

Kass - if you read this, do not worry - all this writing whirlwind is not limited to Limpy and Soft Eyes. The Blond and the Guy With Good Jeans is getting their fair share of syllables, words, sentences, even paragraphs. Swear.

So read if so inclined. Be careful though - at the end is LS, handing out official FANGIRL buttons. 
An offer you cannot refuse . . . 

by Kaye

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:
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. . . that I am head over heels, irrevocably in love with one Dr. Gregory House and his main man, James Wilson.

There, I said it. So smart, so sexy, so snarky. The writing is so sharp, it leaves shards in my brain. (which is a good thing)

The fanfic is intimidating - makes me realize how small our SH community is when I see the amount of fic generated by House every week.

And it's good fic. Which I love - except for weeks I have to grade 125 in-class essays on David Mamet's Oleanna. All about education and tenure and language and power and I just hope the students got it.

So I am trying out my House drabble and a half here. He is hard to write. He is fun to write. I love him.
Really - it's reminding me of the time I stayed up and watched the TNT Starsky and Hutch marathon even though I had all the eps  taped without commercials - couldn't pull myself away. It's like that.

Conversation Overheard in the Cuyler Wing of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
by Kaye
Wilson stopped dead in the middle of the busy hallway. "Your tip wore out?"
"Can you keep your voice down - think of my reputation. . ."
"How does your tip wear out?"
"Again - volume control."
"Is it because of how you use it? On the wrong side?"
"Wrong side? Whose side are you on?"
"Seriously, man - this can't be good."
"Why are you more alarmed than me? It's not your tip."
"Aren't you the least bit concerned?"
"No - I just bought a new tip."
"Well, sure, but the ramifications of . . ."
"Should we duck into the men's room and discuss ramifications?"
"Cuddy's right. You are eight years old."
"Cuddy thinks I'm four - Stacy says I'm eight."
"Well, call me when you hit puberty - I've got work to do."
House waited until he was halfway down the hall. "Hey Wilson."
Wilson turned.
"I wasn't talking about my cane."

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